Forged Fitness Benchmark Workout Leaderboard

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1st Ben R 1000 reps Rx
2nd Oswaldo F 725 reps Rx
3rd Brian C 705 reps Rx
4th Austin W 625 reps Rx
5th Zia A 617 reps Rx
1st Aubrey K 775 reps Rx
2nd Whitney U 632 reps Rx
3rd Irene M 600 reps Rx
4th Samantha S 600 reps Rx


No Male Scores
No Female Scores

7 by 7

1st Robert C 5:43 Rx
2nd Zia A 5:45 Rx
3rd Trevor G 6:08 Rx
4th Stephen F 7:00 Rx
4th Eddie P 7:00 Rx
1st Erica B 7:00 Rx
1st Samantha S 7:00 Rx
1st Chelsea J 7:00 Rx
4th Mckenzie C 10:00 Rx
5th Anna Y 4:35 Scaled

Big 3

1st Robert C 1045 lbs Rx
2nd Austin W 915 lbs Rx
3rd Oswaldo F 895 lbs Rx
4th Todd P 895 lbs Rx
5th Brian C 835 lbs Rx
1st Kawana M 685 lbs Rx
2nd Samantha S 670 lbs Rx
3rd Ansley H 665 lbs Rx
4th Aubrey K 630 lbs Rx
5th Chelsea J 505 lbs Rx

El Centro

1st Ben R 230 reps Rx
2nd Tanner K 181 reps Rx
3rd Oswaldo F 168 reps Rx
4th Bryan H 101 reps Rx
5th Trevor G 192 reps Scaled
1st Chelsea J 208 reps Rx
2nd Aubrey K 186 reps Rx
3rd Samantha S 172 reps Rx
4th Alicia J 162 reps Rx
5th Jean C 212 reps Scaled

Gut Check

1st Zia A 15:00 Rx
No Female Scores

The Trio

1st Gabe C 13:12 Rx
2nd Chandler W 13:48 Rx
3rd Robert C 13:50 Rx
4th Bryan H 14:24 Rx
5th Brett M 14:27 Rx
1st Irene M 14:22 Rx
2nd Aubrey K 14:33 Rx
3rd Erica B 14:42 Rx
4th Samantha S 15:17 Rx