Forged Fitness Benchmark Workout Leaderboard

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1st Ben R 1000 reps Rx
2nd Oswaldo F 725 reps Rx
3rd Brian C 705 reps Rx
4th Austin W 625 reps Rx
5th Zia A 617 reps Rx
1st Aubrey K 1000 reps Rx
2nd Irene M 778 reps Rx
3rd Emma G 662 reps Rx
4th Whitney U 632 reps Rx

1km Sprint

1st Spencer M 1:04 Rx
2nd Jacob K 1:05 Rx
3rd Trevor G 1:08 Rx
3rd Oswaldo F 1:08 Rx
1st Aubrey K 1:15 Rx
2nd Irene M 1:18 Rx
2nd Jessica C 1:18 Rx
4th Dominique G 1:22 Rx
5th Kathe C 1:26 Rx

1 minute Max Rep Pull Ups

1st Skyler B 28 reps Rx
2nd kyle m 24 reps Rx
3rd Jacob K 24 reps Rx
4th Michael F 23 reps Rx
5th Oswaldo F 21 reps Rx
1st Aubrey K 16 reps Rx
2nd Sabrina B 14 reps Rx
3rd Kawana M 11 reps Rx
4th Dominique G 9 reps Rx

1 x 1 Big 3

1st Ben R 1280 lbs Rx
2nd Jacob K 1090 lbs Rx
3rd Dom R 1060 lbs Rx
4th kyle m 1045 lbs Rx
5th Eddie P 1045 lbs Rx
1st Aubrey K 740 lbs Rx
2nd Kawana M 735 lbs Rx
3rd Samantha S 670 lbs Rx
4th Ansley H 665 lbs Rx
5th Dominique G 630 lbs Rx


1st Zia A 20:52 Rx
2nd Gabriel W 22:30 Rx
3rd Michael F 22:51 Rx
4th Joe D 23:20 Rx
5th Brian C 23:31 Rx
1st Irene M 20:44 Rx
2nd Aubrey K 22:59 Rx
3rd Kate R 23:43 Rx
4th Lexie C 26:06 Rx
5th Elizabeth S 26:37 Rx

7 by 7

1st kyle m 4:12 Rx
2nd Skyler B 4:24 Rx
3rd Charles D 5:41 Rx
4th Robert C 5:43 Rx
5th Zia A 5:45 Rx
1st Aubrey K 5:49 Rx
2nd Izzy A 6:50 Rx
3rd Kate R 6:55 Rx
4th Chelsea J 7:00 Rx
4th Erica B 7:00 Rx

El Centro

1st Nick T 252 reps Rx
2nd Oswaldo F 250 reps Rx
3rd Ben R 230 reps Rx
4th Skyler B 208 reps Rx
5th Dom R 189 reps Rx
1st Aubrey K 258 reps Rx
2nd Irene M 252 reps Rx
3rd Nicole V 214 reps Rx
4th Chelsea J 208 reps Rx
5th Dominique G 202 reps Rx

Gut Check

1st Zia A 15:00 Rx
2nd Dom R 16:38 Rx
3rd Robert C 16:53 Rx
4th Trevor G 17:35 Rx
5th Brian C 18:01 Rx
1st Aubrey K 13:58 Rx
2nd Irene M 15:40 Rx
3rd Dominique G 16:01 Rx
4th Jessica C 18:54 Rx
5th Trish L 19:05 Rx

The Trio

1st Gabe C 13:12 Rx
2nd Nate F 13:24 Rx
3rd Gabriel W 13:45 Rx
4th Chandler W 13:48 Rx
5th Jonathan C 13:49 Rx
1st Aubrey K 13:50 Rx
2nd Irene M 13:54 Rx
3rd Erica B 14:42 Rx
4th Dominique G 14:49 Rx

Turn N' Burn

1st kyle m 51 reps Rx
2nd Dom R 50 reps Rx
3rd Phillip K 47 reps Rx
4th Robert C 42 reps Rx
5th Richard S 41 reps Rx
1st Aubrey K 57 reps Rx
2nd Dominique G 39 reps Rx
3rd Kate R 30 reps Rx
4th Lexie C 29 reps Rx
5th Emma G 27 reps Rx